The bottom of the Saleya PM...

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  1. What does it look like? Is it covered in the chocolate leather or is it just the Damier canvas? (A pic would be greatly appreciated. I may order it from eluxury because I am unable to get to an LV boutique anytime soon.)

    Also, are the straps comfortable on a shoulder?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. pretty sure it's damier all over.
  3. It is canvas all over. Only the handles and end leaves are brown leather.

    I can wear the PM on my shoulder, but it is not really a "shoulder bag" per se. I can stick it on my shoulder when neccessary for short periods. I mainly carry it in hand or in my elbow crook.

    I LOVE this bag, lots.
  4. I love it too! I agree it's not quite a shoulder bag. It holds a lot without being a big, ginormous bag which would overwhelm my frame. It survived a city fair yesterday with potential food/drink spills everywhere and held up great!
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