The Botkier Situation.

  1. Ladies i need your help.

    do i keep the "sasha" duffel in black or the "bombay" tall hobo in blue?
    i bought both, and can't decide. it's been weeks, and i haven't used them yet.
    their just sitting there, just staring at me. i feel guilty keep both.

    does anyone own both? or either one?
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  2. Hi iluvapples123! I am sorry -- I don't have either, but I've been seriously, seriously! thinking about getting the Sasha duffel myself so I'll have to say that that one is my choice. Then again, what do you do, and is that size useful for everyday use? I would think that way, and then keep the one that is more useful/suited to my needs... just wanted to say something, because I *have* been lusting after the other bag lol!
  3. can you just keep both?:biggrin:
  4. I agree, keep both.
  5. I prefer the Bombay tall hobo in blue and would buy it in a heartbeat. Somehow, the Sasha duffle doesn't appeal to me.
  6. i'm 25 yr old i need a big bag to fit everything. i carry everything with me all the time, work files, makeup, apples in case i get hungry, a scarf, books, planner, etc. i'm amazed i don't have problems with my back and shoulder yet from hauling all my stuff.

    for the ladies who are telling me to keep guys are soooo bad..teehee... but you know what, that's what i would say if someone asked me...i guess that is why i have this problem. oh my..

    i'm thinking of selling off my other bags, i bought a crazy amount of stuff these two months. selling on eBay is such a pain, if you have no rating.i'm not too sure, still deciding.
  7. If you can't decide and you have never worn them and had them for weeks does this mean you just don't love the purses? I would return both and get something I love and would wear from the first day I had it.
    I personally am not a Botkier fan but the I do think the black duffel is really cute.
  8. I have the Bombay in satchel form (same luscious color!) and with the thick leather, I would assume that it's heavier than the Sasha. The Sasha is larger, yes? You have the option of hand held or the shoulder strap with this one....I would pick the Sasha for these reasons.
    I think the Bombay is more stylish, but hey - you NEED function AND the Sasha has more of a timeless look. You could REALLY use this bag for years.
    BUT....if you're not feeling someone else mentioned, return both and find something you really LUV.
    Hope this helps.
  9. I agree with the more recent posters. It isn't worth the money to keep both bags, especially if you haven't used them at all since you bought them a few weeks ago. I vote to return them and use the credit for something you LOVE!
  10. Keep them you deserve it.
  11. I've been in this situation a couple times and you already know which one you want to keep...KWIM? It's a gut feeling!
  12. I agree with those who say that if you've bought it for awhile but haven't used it yet that you might want to return both for something you'll really love.
    If you want to keep one of them then I would go for the Sasha duffel. It looks lighter to carry and has room for all the stuff you need everyday.
  13. I would keep the Sasha duffel and return the other one!
  14. I would return both bags (unless you got them at a great price) for one bag that you can't wait to use!

  15. well I am the same in my 20s student and i need a bag that carrys everything!!! all my school related stuff + my personal life stuff
    and i have the sasha duffle and it is my FAVORITE!!!! i have some amazing bags, the sasha duffle hits in the top like 3!

    the hobo strap gets slouchier and more comfortable the more you wear it, it holds SO much and i think its SO beautiful!
    I def vote sasha duffle 110%! :smile: