The Botkier Morgan for pre-fall

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  1. Isn't she stunning?????!!!! I posted more info about it on Purse Blog HERE

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  2. Wow what a fabulous color! :drool:
  3. It's nice, but I would prefer it without all that fringe.
  4. Is it metallic?
  5. Not a fan of the fringe either, but then I lived through the '70s the first time.:lol:

    The leather looks spectacular though, I'm looking forward to the other fall styles.
  6. that bag is gorgeous, fringe and all. i just wish they'd use gold hardware.
  7. I am obsessing over this bag just the way it is :yes:
  8. I REALLY do like her, actually.

    I don't know if it is the bag or the color or both? I'm mystified haha!
  9. Oh yes I like a lot!!!! That is just pretty, pretty.....drool! Love it!!!! How does that zipper work?? alright, down right stunning!
  10. I love the purple with silver hardware, although I'm not too keen on the slightly angled vertical fringe. I really dig the central inverted pleat!!
  11. that is what caught my eye!:drool:
  12. I love love love love love the gunmetal hardware and the purple, but not at all a fan of the fringe.

  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I want. :love:
  15. It's fabulous!

    What I have always LOVED about Botkier is how innovative they are with their designs. When the trigger came out, there was really nothing like it. (now of course it is knocked off everywhere!)

    In the handbag design world so many designers are "influenced" by other designers and so many bags look similar (including ones I like! so it's not always bad!) that I think it's really great when a designer is always this innovative in terms of shape, style, and creativity!