The Boston Bag

  1. hi just want to ask for opinions.. i'm thinking of buying the gucci boston bag. the standard ones...anybody has one? i've been wanting that style of bag but i don't like the louis vuitton ones..
  2. i have the gucci vtg web bags/leather bostons, i also have the LV speedies (which have the same style structure), i would say go with your heart and choose the one/brand you like most, seems like you are leaning towards the gucci, in my opinion i think both bags are great/practical. if you cant choose, buy one of each. HTH
  3. Im not sure which one you mean as the standard.

    ATM the most 'plain' Bostons are the Joy Boston or the Vintage Bostons but the Soho Boston and others are also elegant and simple in shape.

    I have a Joy, in Gucci Plus material (coated canvas) and the bag lives up to its name. There is also a vinyl imprime version with leather trim. The Joy is like a Speedy but with leather running all the way all around and measures 32cm across rather than 30cm.

    There is a Joy Boston Club thread that you might like to browse

    For me it makes a really good 'standard' bag, very durable and easy to use.

    The vintage Boston whether they have web-stripes or not are either leather or original canvas, all models have a detachable shoulder strap which is a great optional extra but also raises the price a bit.
  4. Thanks so much! I'm thinking of buying the vintage boston with the stripes and cost a little more but i like it better.

  5. :tup: great classic choice, you will :heart: it!
  6. ive noticed the joy botson went from 740 to 820 on their website within a year :smile: good investment
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