The Boston and The Sag

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm thinking of getting the Joy Medium Boston Bag (with dark leather trim) however, I'm concerned that there may be a sag once I put my stuff in it. How does one deal with the sag?
  2. I personally like the sag. I started out with a base (I just cut out a cardboard) but I didn't like it. Looked too stiff too me
  3. ^^coated canvas boston sags a bit without a base but not as much as the guccissima one. I put a base in mine because I prefer more structure to my bags. I just cut out a piece of cardboard and wrap my dustbag around it and place it at the bottom of the bag. Then no more sagging.
  4. Thanks GhstDreamer that was a really clear description of how to take care of the sag. I won't let a little sag stop me from getting the Boston
  5. i find that the more stuff i put into mine the less it sags, oddly enough
  6. Topglamchic - dont let the sag get you down or put you off from getting one. The boston is a gorgeous bag and a must in your wardrobe. Like the other ladies i put a base in mine too. I got a nice plastic cardboard and put it as a base and it keeps it shape.
    Let us know when you buy it. Post pics!!
  7. Thanks so much everyone! One last thing, I'm not very crafty so if anyone has any suggestions on doing the whole cardboard thing I'd appreciate it.

    I hope that in one week I'll be posting pictures!
  8. Here's a way other TPF'ers made DIY bag shapers:

    Basically you just place your bag on a piece of cardboard, trace an outline of the bottom of your bag, then cut it out. You can make a few of these cardboard pieces and glue them together to make them extra sturdy. You may have to trim it a bit to make sure it fits the inside of your bag. Then you can wrap duct tape around it to make it waterproof. And if you want it to match the inside of your bag you can also cover it with fabric. That's pretty much it!
  9. Mine didn't sag, but ten I only use them for a few weeks and then switch out for different bag
  10. Thanks so much everyone!!
  11. Mine doesn't sag much cause I don't carry a lot. But I put a thin magazine in it before but it doesn't work well. So I had my BF cut out cardboard like what dizchik said.
  12. Personally I LOVE the sag and feel like that is part of the charm! But everyone here already gave you great ideas since you don't like it. I cannot wait to see your pics when you get it.