The Borough Bag

  1. The Oxblood is stunning!
  2. I ordered the medium pebbled late last night and was given a ship date of October I'm guessing that is the replenish date. :smile:

    I also ordered the large pebbled in alpine moss so that I can see the size difference.
  3. Yes, I checked on it yesterday as well. My SA told me they will have more stock soon. The Borough bag officially launches in October and it's featured in the next floor set. :smile:
  4. Did you actually order them or was it a back order? Aka you get charged once they ship? Because I was told the large alpine moss was only available on back order when I asked yesterday
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    Here is the response (yesterday) from Jax in regards to my questions about the Mini and Medium pebbled black:

    Thank you for your interest in Coach.

    The The Mini Borough Bag Pebbled, No. 28163 in Black is available to order now but will not ship until after 09/24/13.

    The Borough Bag Pebbled, No. 28160 in Black is available to order now also and will ship within 1-2 days upon ordering.

    To place an order, please contact us at (888) 262 - 6224.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.
  6. Ladies I need your advice! My birthday is in two weeks and I don't know which bags to buy! I can only get two out of three. I know I definitely want the Legacy studded duffle in saddle ($398), it's chic and it super easy to carry and is perfect for fall.


    The second bag is the problem, I've fallen in love with the Billy Reid + Coach suede Hero tote ($748)


    The third bag is the large Borough pebbled leather in alpine moss ($798)


    So my question is, which would you choose? The Billy Reid or the Borough. I love them both equally!! It's so hard.
  7. borough
  8. Borough!!
  9. Borough!
  10. Borough!
  11. My vote is for the Borough.
  12. Another vote for Borough. That bag is gorgeous, classic, and timeless.
  13. Burrough!!! It's timeless....
  14. Billy Reid is limited edition so you may miss out if you don't buy it

    The borough probably will come in other colors later .... But alpine moss and oxblood are amazing .... I will pick borough
  15. Wow! I received my black medium pebbled leather Borough bag today-and it is gorgeous!

    This is the first Coach bag I've purchased in a long while--it was totally worth the wait!:smile:

    The bag actually looks like the picture--the leather is really soft to the touch and has a consistent grain. I don't care for multiple compartment purses, but I made an exception with this one!

    Plus, it was delivered a day early (thanks UPS!) and gift wrapped so nicely. Yay!!