The Boot Hunt...

  1. Hi guys.. this is my first post in this forum, i'm usually galavanting around the handbag forums, but i need shoe help so here i am. This is my storey... I have been on the hunt for a new pair of black boots since last winter and found nothing!! So this winter I am starting early... I want a round toe boot that I can dress down or up. I found these two on but i can't decide whether I should buy one of these or neither. I need help. Here they are... let me know what u think, buy 1 or don't buy either and wait until more come out as we get further into the season.
    Marc Jacobs
    Tufi Duek
  2. I really like the shape of the marc jacobs, but the stitching is throwing me off a bit... maybe they will look better in person??
  3. I like the marc jacobs one. The stitch looks okay. If the 2nd one is not a wedge, I would say that's even better, but since it's a wedge, I don't think it's as classic...and for a boot, you will probably wear it for more than one season, so it's better to keep it more classic.
  4. Dislike the MJ -- not a bit of femininity in them at all. You definitely cannot dress that one up too much.

    The second one is better, but like gingerfarm said, may start to look dated after a season or two.

    Boots can be $100 or $1,000, and can look decent in either range. What's your budget, if you don't mind my asking?
  5. I think the first pair you will get more wear out of. If you like them I say do ahead. For me, the issue is finding a boot that fits so I prefer to try them on in a store. I never have luck when ordering them becuase site don't give enough info and usually measurements like the calf size are wrong.
  6. I like the MJ.

    The other pair, and this is just me, remind me of Chinese lotus shoes.

    A heel more than an inch or so will make just about any shoes feminine.
  7. I prefer the shape of the second pair better.
  8. I like #1 best, but I agree with fatefullotus - can't really be dressed up.
  9. I think the second pair is probably too trendy and the first is too causal... I decided not to buy either. I'm trying not to buy stuff that I don't LOVE... bc then it just ends up sitting in my closet b/c it doesn't look right and i waste money. : )

    Thanks for your help...
  10. Jimmy Choo has some gorgeous boots out this season. Go to and have a look.
  11. Is it just me, but I've never like the curved wedge (2nd photo).

    I even had a pair of Jimmy Choo curved wedged sandals, but later sold them on eBay because I just couldn't get over the look of the wedge.
  12. I like the MJ's better.