The Book ......

  1. I just received The Book from LV with lots of stickers .Is this a regular feature of sending catalogues as it’s first for me .
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  2. Wow. You got catalogue through the post? I hope I get one too :smile:. I wonder if it would be rude of me to ask or ring up for one:blush:. I have spent a bit there this year so not unloyal customer or just want something for nothing. The worse they can say is no :lol:. I might give it a try :facepalm:
  3. Very cool! I hope I get one. I spent a fortune this year. I do recall receiving some kind of book/catalogue years ago via mail.
  4. I received it in the post ,so no idea where I will stick those stickers .
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  5. I received one today too :smile: I feel like I get one at least once a year through the post and I only buy maybe twice a year. Loving the stickers, although Im sure I won't stick them anywhere!
  6. I would put the stickers on the front of my agenda pm as it's got a fold mark on the front that I can't get rid of. And the rest on my hardshell suitcases :P. Aww I really do hope I get one. Otherwise I will have to be cheeky and ring them up for one. :-s
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  7. Yes good idea ,will def do as you suggested .
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  8. Omg, lucky girl!
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  9. I deal only online ,don’t have an SA but they are super nice .They call me when a new collection has launched or tell me if my waitlist order has arrived .As yet never had problem with online orders .I usually get it on the third day I placed the order other than if it’s the weekend .
  10. I think it's normal if you have a regular SA or spend a bit in the store I usually get one without asking.
  11. Here's some of mine. I haven't gotten the last two but we bought a new house and I haven't updated my mailing info with LV.
  12. Yes my SA says so long as you are signed up on their mailing list and have purchased something during the year, you will get it. There is no limit that you have to spend a certain amount or deal with an SA in store. You can sign up for mailing list even if you shop online. Got mine a few days ago in the post and have already stuck my stickers on my iPad!
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  13. They are lying all over the London stores and you can just pick one up. They do however send to clients in the list. Got mine today.
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  14. I sent a email to LV politely asking if they could send me one. Yippee they replied saying they will send one out on the 17th November. So I guess if you really want one can try and email them :smile:
  15. And you can always ask for one in store. They usually have a TON and are happy to get rid of them.
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