"The Book" from Neiman Marcus

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  1. Has anyone received theirs? I got mine today, and there are so many beautiful things in there, esp. bags. I've been drooling over everything.
  2. I haven't gotten one ... yet.:sad: I hope I get one though.:huh:
  3. I am at school so don't get that shipped to my apartment here...but ooooooh I can't wait until I go home and see all of the books and catalogs! I am tellin ya, lookin at the big neiman marcus, saks and nordstrom books are positively orgasmic
  4. Augh, waiting for mine !
  5. I got mine today and it is stunning...i was going to post a thread!!! It is great.
  6. Didn't get mine yet, but I received the Saks catalog yesterday and I'm still drooling over the navy Chanel tote. I believe someone on the forum has already purchased and posted pics of this gorgeous bag.
  7. Yup, still waiting for mine, but got my Saks book today.
  8. I spend SO MUCH MONEY at Neiman Marcus and they don't send me The Book. I know there's a minimum you have to spend yearly but I'm sure I way overhit it! Hmm... :sad:
  9. Maybe you should call them any find out what the deal is. If you're a good customer, that's the least they could do.
  10. Do you use the NM cc when you shop there? I think you have to in order to get the book.
  11. I just orderd the new cartier perfume (because of THE BOOK) I was about to order a dress and my husband walked in the room...I HATE it when he asks me how much something is as I'm shopping! I prefer to buy it, wear it and THEN he can ask....so I can round the numbers down. I find it easier. I guess I should move the book out of the bathroom....I lay in the bath and read alot....so I dont need him to pick that up and glance through it for sure...my gig may be up!
  12. Hahahaha...that's too funny. I tend to leave it out on purpose, in the hope that my bf will learn to appreciate my love for nice bags, and maybe (sheepishly) get an idea that I'd rather have a new bag than another piece of jewelry (not that I'm complaining....just a little variety would be nice).
  13. What is this Book? Is it a catalogue? Oh, it sounds really cool- Does anyone know if it's possible to sign up to receive this? Thanks!
  14. I think they send it out to the credit card members...you should just call 1-888-462-4725 Im sure they would send one to you. Its a big catalog...very fun, expensive catalog!