~*the Boogie Bucket Club*~

  1. Welcome to the Tano obsession Pinkmom. Many of us have been through the same thing, discovered the brand, then wanted more more more! :smile:

  2. I am going to sell some old purses so I can get more new ones...
  3. Ugh...I should not have started reading this thread. I had decided that I did NOT need a boogie bucket because I have a french nanny. Now...well...now I'm not so sure!:lol: I guess I could rationalize one with black strapping since my french nanny has brown...:graucho:
  4. I did buy the Raspberry Boogie. Hubby is going to kill me! I guess I have to be extra nice to him:winkiss:

    I now will have 4 Boogies. Love em.

    I was at the Doctors today and the woman who did my test kept going on and on about how beautiful my purse was. I was carrying my Blossom Boogie. She took down all the info. Another Tano convert.
  5. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself on here :sad:

    Anyway, I got my gunmetal boogie it is gorgeous. I think I'm in love.
  6. Where did you get that color? I would love one in a grey...
  7. Congrats! I used to have a Raspberry Tano (different style)...very pretty!
  8. This forum used to be very very active. It's fallen off a lot over the past year and there aren't too many of us that post any more. It's sad. But nice to see some new, enthusiastic people here!

  9. Not sure what happened but the seller refunded my money. She said she found melted chocolate in the bag when she went to ship it. Random. So I am still looking for a Raspberry Boogie!!! :pout:
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    There are no more gunmetals anywhere. I think I got the last one. I got it from Harper Rose. efashionhouse has one in dove which is a grey color not metallic like the gunmetal. I know some people have had issues with efashionhouse but I have ordered 2 bags from them and had no problems and good service.
  11. Thanks...I'm wanting one. I had a grape and sold it. I just got a bag check and love it and now want a Boogie again. :smile: maybe I'll wait and see what colors pop up in the future.
  12. I have a bag check.... LOVE that bag!!

  13. Did you tell her that you like chocolate?? :p

    Seriously, that's disappointing. Shoot.