~*the Boogie Bucket Club*~

  1. I really have to get a boogie again. Now that my kiddos are older maybe going back to a smaller bag won't be so bad...Lovin everyones gorgeouse boogies!
  2. Anybody got a new Boogie lately? :shrugs:
  3. I got mine in December. It is my avi. I do love it.
  4. It's gorgeous! I contemplated that one but ended up scoring Blueberry on Bonz for a great price.
  5. Gonna post pix?
  6. Just wanted to shout out some boogie love. I've been carrying my girl for several days now and just always hate to change out of her.
  7. Yeah, I would feel that way if I had Plum Jelly too!! :p
  8. I have 2 boogies. One is blossom and one in oasis. Would it be wrong to buy another? It is just the perfect bag for me. Stays on my shoulder. Holds everything. I amd trying to decide between Honey in Havana in Black or another Boogie in Gunmetal.
  9. I own five or six different colors of the same tano bag... no shame! If you love it, go for it!
  10. Thanks! I am really leaning toward the boogie in gunmetal. I just love the boogie!!
  11. The gunmetal is a different leather than the boogies you have called Nebula. Thinner than the Lux, but with a subtle sheen that's just gorgeous and light as a feather.

  12. Thanks, Joan. I just ordered it! How does it wear comared to the Lux?
  13. I haven't carried my gunmetal bag a lot, so I really can't say how it's worn? I have a bunch of Tanos, so I try to switch around. Although I do get "stuck" on one from time to time and carry it for a couple of months. My gunmetal Second Skin is a gorgeous bag; I don't use it much, but don't want to sell it because it's so pretty!

  14. OK - the Peony Boogie available for preorder on Must Have Bag is most definitely calling my name! I have always kicked myself for not getting the watermelon Boogie when it was available several years back, and I think Peony looks just as divine :love:. Cornflower also looks fabulous!
  15. Not that I need another Boogie, but I do. I was thinking of Cornflower myself. The two boogie colors I would love to find are raspberry and grape.