~*the Boogie Bucket Club*~

  1. Bringing this thread back to life as I am now in the Boogie club...first boogie, berry blue, been carrying it for 3 days...:cloud9:
  2. :yahoo:
  3. I know this thread hasn't seen any action in awhile but I wanted to catch up on the boogie news. Still love my grape boogie and she's one of the most comfotable bags I own.

    What colors do you think are best for Spring 09?
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    Tano is coming out with their Early Fall Line for August Delivery.
    The Boogie Bucket Colors are Black, Cobalt, espresso, Flame, Garnet,
    Safron, Teal, Violet. There is a Tano Show in two weeks time and the new late Fall/Winter Colors will be shown. I know that they will be making a new green color for the late fall winter. Check out the colors available right now at musthavebag.com


    There are lots of Spring Colors available right now. Caramel, Orange Peel, Blue Hawaiian, Berry Blue,
    Apple Green to name a few.

    Tano will be having a show in two weeks time and will be introducing new colors.
  5. Liz,

    I'm thinking that the berry blue is right up my alley on this one... I'm a bit worried that the blue is too bright but at the same time, I just love the color! I'm hoping it would be the perfect summer bag for running around with the kids. Hmm...
  6. Check out the picture threads...I have the berry blue boogie and LOVE it!! Great blue!!!
  7. It photographs bright, like an electric blue but it isn't bright. In some lights it actually looks kinda dark. LOVE berry blue!
  8. I have a Berry Blue Women Unite. I carried her today. She is gorgy!
    She is really not this bright but the color is beautiful. If you saw the movie Coraline - this blue is the color of her hair. This color looks spectacular with yellow.

    IMG_2144.jpg IMG_2138_1.jpg
  9. Hi Tejas!!! I think you really can't go wrong with any of the colors!!! Though, these colors stand out to me the most: berry blue, teal, pink lemonade, plum jelly and blue hawaiian oh oh and green apple! LOL!
  10. You ladies have convinced me how gorgeous the berry blue is! The boogie is one of my most comfy bags and I may need one more. What color is the lining?
  11. The lining in the Berry Blue is orange.
  12. Liz, your picture about makes berry blue look just DELISH! :woot:
  13. Oh, man! I wish it were purple!

    BTW, your berry blue WU is just gorgeous! Has the leather worn well? I just love this color.
  14. My Berry blue Women Unite has broken in beautifully. I will take a new picture of her broken in state tonight and post it later tonight. The color
    is amazing. Outside of Balenciaga, Tano makes the most awesome colors.
    Tejas, you might want to give Women Unite a chance in Berry Blue to try something other than a Boogie. It is a bucket bag like the Boogie but it drapes along the side of your body like no other bag and the strap stays put. musthavebag.com has a Women Unite in Berry Blue. It is a great bag which will not ever be made again. Just something to consider.:biggrin:
  15. Okay so this is an OLD thread....but girls I didn't know of Tano back then...so I'm bringin' the Boogie love back! ;)

    I SOOOO love my plum jelly Boogie!! I followed the advice I read about here and hung her from a door knob and her strap is settling in nicely. I just love how lightweight she is and how easy I can get to everything! And purple is my favorite color....sooooo....you can't go wrong with that. :smile: