~*the Boogie Bucket Club*~

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    Okay all you Tano-ites.... show off yer Boogie's!!!!!! Our first "club" thread!!!!

    The 'staple' Tano bag....she's got a sexy pout, pretty hardware, great capacity, and light as a feather!

    Here's my blueprint blue Boogie Bucket from Fall 2007.
    blue1.JPG blue2.JPG redlining.JPG
  2. Nice bag, Voodoo! This forum is going to be so much fun!! :smile:
  3. Here is my Lawn Boogie that I posted yesterday. It is already softening up and Im really loving it now.

    Yay for a the Tano Forum!:woohoo:
    Boogie 1.JPG
  4. Wow..they look amazing!!

  5. I missed this yesterday, it's GORGEOUS!! I must credit those Boogies - they really show off their colors nicely. :tup:

  6. OMG OMG! I'm gonna be a member x2!!!! I'm getting an apricot Boogie! She ships tomorrow!!! :yahoo:
  7. Voodoo, you are my Tano idol! :tup: Can't wait to see your pics!

  8. My boogie bucket in pool (with Dante)

  9. :love::love:
  10. ^^ :yes: I just love that bag!
  11. Thanks, Kimmi. Best money I've ever spent. I get so many compliments on the color and the bag.
  12. Apricot is my #1 favorite color from the spring line-up. I can hardly wait to see your new boogie. I won't be able to join this club until July when my grape boogie ships.

  13. Jane, I bet yer the first w/ a Fall '08 Boogie...can't wait to see her in grape!!! :tup:
  14. aklein.....your kitty is soooo precious!!! His or her eyes match your bag!!
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    Here is mine.....I :heart: her...using her today!

    Sorry guys...my pics are not working for some reason....I'll try posting again later.