~~ The Boobie Planet ~~

  1. Please come and show off your fun and colorful boobies :yahoo::party::dothewave::woohoo:

  2. My ink Boobie :biggrin:
  3. Andy_Sach your ink boobie is yummy!! I like how your chain it with your coin purses :heart:
  4. burukogepanda and Andy Sach, I LOVE your boobie colors:heart:

    I'm just a "uni-boobie" with my Silver.
    Silver boobie front.JPG
  5. WOW redney, this is one of the boobie color I've never seen :drool:
  6. Thank you, burukogepanda! thing is, I'm so worried about scratching the metallic that I don't use it much. I have to be more daring!
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    I only have one.. And the Color isn't that funny, but I still :heart: it!

    Pictured with my Rouge Theater and INK Coin Purses..

  8. redney, I have the same concern, that's why all my accessories are more like collection but not for daily use :sweatdrop:
  9. :yahoo: MissM, I just ordered a dark gray boobie too :tup:
  10. you have the nicest boobies I have ever seen....

    I have one boobie.. it is ink.
  11. YAY! See it's dark - so I wont be afraid to use it. But right now I am saving it to use with my Violet City when I finally get it in August.. I like longer straps... :yes:
  12. Gone to a good home....marron boobie....

  13. lilac 06! :heart:
    buruko I love yours, especially the magenta!
    lilac 06 city 4.JPG
  14. [​IMG]

    ... Sorry, I couldn't resist!!
  15. CeeJay...:noggin::roflmfao: