The Boob Game

  1. I got 70%!:roflmfao:
  2. I got 75%! some of those suckers were down right scary!!!
  3. 85% :busted !
  4. I got a 100%!!!! Hummm I know my boobs!!! :shame:
  5. The trick is to think, "Now, if she were lying down . . . would THEY?"
  6. I got 90%!!!
  7. And . . . um . . . it's usually a dead giveaway that they're implants if they look like two big grapefruits stuck to her chest.
  8. I got 95%
  9. I got 90%!!
  10. 90%! they should have used better boob job pics to make it harder to tell!! geesh give us a challenge! lol :smile:
  11. Ha, I got an 80% lol
  12. I got 95 percent! I am good at spotting fake breats. Lots of women come from the usa and other countries to my city to have their implants done by our local doctors for cheaper. They are mostly younger girls or women trying to get into dancing or modeling industry, and they stay at the hotel where I work for the recovery period. A woman from Las Vegas came to get hers done and she showed me before she departed. I see several boobies like these fake ones on a daily basis!
  13. 80% that was fun!! Some of those boobies were NASTY!!!!!!!
  14. 85% for me. Dang! There are some Dr.s who really did great jobs!! Im jealous!!