The Bombay Company Closing

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  1. I received an email from the retailer this morning and learned that the retailer is closing over 300 stores. I thought I would share with those who have a store nearby (the web site is no longer selling).

    I am a little miffed because I just purchased one of their office pieces and they are the only ones who carry this line of furniture. I guess I will be collecting the rest of the pieces a little sooner than I thought. :cursing:
  2. :yes:
    Mine started their going out of business sale a little over a week ago.
    I worked for them a long time ago in San Diego.
  3. Awh, that's sad. I love that store. They have such unique style and beautiful, exotic items! I hope mine isn't going to be closed.
  4. I loved Bombay Company when I lived in the US, they had such lovely pieces of furniture :smile:
  5. I used to go in there just to browse. They had some very fancy stuff in there. I never really saw many people shopping though.
  6. I like their things.....too bad....another victim of the real estate market slump.
  7. It looks like all stores will be closing. :sad:

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  8. There products are nice. I hate to hear that.:sad:
  9. They are based in my town. I do love Bombay, I think that they expanded too much and couldn't recover.
  10. It seemed like such a nice store, although I never did buy anything there. The one in my area put up their closing sign a couple of weeks ago.
  11. really??? :sad:
    i had no idea
    their pieces were so cute~ (although the customer service i received was very dissatisfying....)
  12. Just went to my nearest Bombay store on Sunday and was shocked. I really love their stuff.

    Most of the big pieces were 40% off, with almost everything else being 20% off. Found 2 x-mas gifts :yes:
  13. Yes I heard this about a month mom literally was there every week buying something. The store near my house will be closing after the holidays:sad:
  14. hm i should check out the store near my house pronto!!
    the markdowns are tempting me :smile: hehe