***The Bold & The Beautiful EB Club***

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  1. this beautiful blue should surely have a club too ~ please post your gorgeous EB pics here ~ the bigger & bolder they are ~ the better!

    S/S 2008 ~ electric blue city ~ all outdoor pics ~ pic 3 with flash ~ with sisters S/S 2008 bubblegum & 2007 le magenta
    vikianderson@tpf~eb city~pic1.jpg vikianderson@tpf~eb city~pic2.jpg vikianderson@tpf~ebcity~pic3.jpg vikianderson@tpf~eb city~pic4.jpg vikianderson@tpf~eb city~pic5.jpg
  2. omg!!!!!!!! it is sopoooo beautiful!
  3. vikianderson I love your EB city! Your pics on the bal forum were what made me decide on a EB bag. My EB should be here later today...I can't wait to post some pics.
  4. Double post...oops
  5. ^thanx! :flowers: ~ but where are all his cousins? ~ :sad:
  6. EB Part Time GSH:yahoo:

  7. Here is your cousin, viki :tender:
  8. :yahoo: ~ they have the same birthday too May! :lol:
  9. Viki, Here's another cousin. :smile:
    BEBCity5.jpg BEBCity7.jpg BEBCity6.jpg BEBCity1.jpg
  10. ^ your 3rd pic is delish *pink* :heart:
  11. sorry i'm late to this thread!!



  12. ^ ~ gorgeous pics pluiee ~ the leather looks :drool:
  13. may22 & pinkboudoir I love your RH Cities!
    pluiee is that the Work? Looks beautiful!
  14. blueeyez259 ~ your part~time is gorgeous! ~ i have just ordered a mini wallet & a make~up :yahoo: ~ i just can't get enough of eb :heart:
  15. I'm so looking forward to joining this club..:drool::drool: