The Boite Club

  1. I didn't see any (and I even looked in the luggage club....)

    Here's mine:

    Boite Flacons


    Boite Chapeaux 30cm & 40cm sizes

    Boite Bouteilles




  2. You have a stunning collection of those!
  3. The flacons is fantastic. My mother has one of those. Just so cool.

    What do you put in the hat boxes? I mean, if you don't use them for hats, of course.

    Pretty pool too!
  4. Awesome!!!!
  5. The hat boxes are for decoration only:shame: LOL

    I was going to use the larger one when I flew to NY for an outdoor wedding last fall for an actual hat that fit perfectly in it, but I chickened out !!! I didn't want to deal with carrying it through the airport and taking it on the plane:shrugs: :s
  6. Oh la la, that would have been so classy!!! But I must say, nice decorations! :yes:

    Have you seen those two trunks that are on eBay right now? One is from fashionphile. Woowwwweeeeee. Sweet. I wonder how it would be if topped with glass as an end table?
  7. Those are so nice. I would love to have just one.
  8. lovely
  9. WOW! you have a FAB collection!!!! Those trunks are TDF!!
  10. Wow I love them all - thats a gorgeous collection!
  11. Stunning!! I want anything hard-sided from LV but not card box, haha
  12. AWESOME!!! They all look great!!! :nuts:
  13. Wonderful ! Congrats ! And who has the beautiful Coffret à merveilles in Azur lol ?
  14. Very nice :smile:
  15. you're killing me here! They are TDF.. Its Stunning!!!