The Boite Chapeau Souple Monogram

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  1. I’m sick at home so now I’m browsing in my bed and this bag caught my eyes. It’s actually the first monogram that I feel like maybe I can carry it off with the long strap look.


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    Maybe it’s the fever talking, but I wonder if any of you have tried it. Is it easy to get stuff in and out? And how much can it hold? Most of the info I can find seems to be about a petite size, but I’m looking at a bigger size. Medium? Is this bag seasonal? And is it easy to get a hold of?

  2. I was shopping in LV in New York (Soho) yesterday and a woman was trying it on - first time I’d seen it in person. My sister and I both loved it. It’s adorable in person. I didn’t try it on because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist buying it!!
  3. There's some who posted pictures of this and what it holds near the end of July purchases thread and I think the beginning of August purchases thread. I just bought this bag last week and haven't used it because I may gift it to my daughter. Still deciding since it's such a beautiful bag. From my understanding, it's a runway piece, limited edition. It popped up on the website for a couple days about two weeks ago but I haven't seen it available since. My store did not get them in. I was in Boston to see Moulin Rouge the musical last weekend and stopped in the LV store there and they had two available. I felt lucky I got my hands on one!
  4. Just bought this bag 2 days ago at Beverly Hills boutique. It holds surprisingly a lot. Quite spacious although remember the space is in a round shape. I get a wallet, iPhone, sunglasses, lip gloss etc in with space to spare. It’s easy to get in/ out of. Zipper placement works well and comfortable to wear. I’m enjoying it so far
  5. Hi, I made a reveal called "Something special". You could look at it, if you are interested in the Boite Chapeau Souple. It holds more, than I thought. All the items on the photo and my phone and it is not really full, holds its shape perfectly. Hope that helps! It's a really cute bag!
  6. Hi, I just got it! Yes, it gave me a fever:smile::smile:
    I've been wanting this since I saw a glimpse of it a few months ago:heart:
    It's so cute and useful! I'm glad you made a thread on this, so those who end up getting them can post their thoughts as well as comments on the newer treated leather. It's not the raw vachetta,and some lady got caught in the rain with it and said it didn't leave a spot.
    I think it is a very stunning bag with lots of cool details. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, or as a crossbody. I'm able to hold my mini pochette, my I phone 7 plus, keys, Rosalie coin purse and there is room for more. The luggage tag is shown two different ways- one with the buckle facing inward, and the other with the buckle facing out. I'm keeping mine facing out because I don't want to dent the canvas over time. You can also remove it. The back pocket fits my iPhone -as long as I stand it up.
    I don't think it is easy to get, and I'm not sure if they will mass produce it or not.
    I hope that helps:smile: I hope you feel better soon!!
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  7. Wow! You did luck out:smile: I just got mine and I LOVE it. You're a really nice Momma:heart: You might end up wanting to keep it:smile::smile:
    Congratulations bag twin:heart:
    It really is stunning and fun! It reminds me of a tambourine! I feel it holds enough for my needs as well.
    Did your SA mention the leather being treated, since it's not the regular raw vachetta?
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  8. oh goodness this bag is everything!!!!! It's so beautiful!
    Does anyone know if this fits more/less the same amount as the palmsprings mini backpack? Do you have to baby and protect vachetta leather as well? Is this impossible to get now??????????????
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  9. Isn't it?:heart::heart::heart:
    I'm not sure about how it compares to the PS mini, but I am able to get quite a bit into it. It's round, so maybe certain things that would fit in the backpack might not fit.
    It's not the regular raw vachetta. It is treated, slightly darker, and someone said they got caught in the rain and it left no spots, but I'm not that brave:smile:
    I'm pretty sure it's hard to get, but call around. I called about four shops til I found one that had one. I also went on the wait list on the LV client services website.
    Call all the Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstrom, and Neimans. They will connect you to the LV boutique in each store if you don't want to call LV client services.
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  10. Thank you! It sounds like the most perfect bag!! :biggrin: and it looks phenomenal on you!
    I was debating between exchanging my defective PS mini with another PS mini or another bag and this post made me droooooool! I was worried about the vachetta but if it is treated than omgoodness it's so perfect !!!
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  11. You're welcome!:smile:
  12. I know this is the “new vachetta”. Are people still treating it with apple guard and using baby wipes?
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  13. Hi I haven't treated mine at at and probably won't. Supposedly it can get wet without spots, but it's not raining here:smile::smile:
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  14. I have both this bag and palm spring mini. I would say they fit about the same. But palm spring mini fits more “thick” items but this bag is more “flat” so fits more slim items. But it’s easier to get things in/ out of this bag compared to palm spring due to design of Zipper etc.
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