The board is so quiet!!!

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  1. Everybody must be waiting by the mailbox for PCE. There's going to be lots of reveals in the near future!! :yahoo: Soooooo.... what's everybody getting with their PCEs???

    I really want a white purse, either kristin tote, hobo or drawstring hobo.. (I need to try some stuff on!), large black/black siggie kristin hobo, a kirstin wristlet... again need to see them in person.
    wow, my list is getting long... :graucho:... maybe new sunnies? new sandals? some or all of the above would be great! We'll see! I'll die if I don't get a PCE. :nuts:

    So, what's everybody getting???
  2. I am getting the Kristin Satchel in Black leather.
  3. I noticed the board seemed pretty quiet too! I don't typically purchase on PCE, but the Kristen Hobo is so gorgeous!
  4. What about those of us that can only shop online? Are there any codes? I'm so jealous.
  5. I dont purchase from FP - I am an outlet gal!
  6. What's "FP"?
  7. FP = Full price boutique - like you see in the mall.

    As for me, you won't be seeing any more reveals from me for a LONG time. :smile: I am perma-banned. IF I get a PCE, which I probably wont, but IF I do, I'm going to give it to a fellow tPFer - I don't need nor want anything else. :smile:
  8. If we are going to be talking about potential PCE purchases then this thread might be moved to the PCE sub-board instead....
  9. I think it stands for full price store. I would love a Kristin Op Art Satchel
  10. That's really nice of you Jami! I love your new lilly. Someday I will buy a lily. I love the white pearl one.

    I am so going crazy waiting to see all of this new kristin stuff. There's no point in going to the store until I have a PCE in hand (if I get one) since I live an hour from the FP store.

    To top it all off I'm waiting to get our new black pug puppy! We get her on Sunday.
  11. Does anyone know about coupons for online? Anyone?
  12. I like a few of the bags Coach has been putting out since the begining of the year, but none enough to buy. Except for the only poppy bag I like... the groovy in violet patent. I LOVE the colors of the leather (and I liked the groovy style from the begining, but hated all the colors until now) and the lining, omg, TDF! So with my Christmas present gc and the PCE I'll be able to justify it. I just hope they still have some by March!
  13. I am either going to get the white Kristin Drawstring Hoho in your siggy, or the pleated navy one.... I will need to see them in person.
  14. PCE's cant be used online. :sad:
  15. I am going to buy the new Kristin hobo in peach, but I keep going back and looking at the navy Kristin you mentioned, it's really pretty and so different than anything I have. I, too, will make a decision after looking IRL.