the BLUES club!

  1. LV has made some beautiful bags and accessories featuring blue in different textiles..


    EPI: Toledo & Myrtille
    VERNIS: Baby Blue & Indigo
    CANVAS: Azur
    SUHALI: Blue
    ANTIGUA: Blue

    etc. etc!

    So lets showcase these beautiful blue babies together!
  2. oh dear ... we have already decided I have an issue with blue :biggrin:

    my toledo blue epi petit noe & speedy 30

    Antigua Cabas MM

    Baby Blue Vernis Houston

    Indigo Vernis Reade PM

    Baby Blue Vernis Thompson St. & Broome
  3. ^ wow, you're so blue! :graucho:
  4. My Toledo Epi Petite Noe~ :love:

  5. My Alma in Myrtille......:heart: :heart: :heart: her!

  6. OMG best club ever!!

    I'm a confessed blue fiend, too :yahoo:

    The Indigo collection :love:

    and my Azur, Indigo and Baby Blue pochettes :biggrin:

    ...more to come later :shame:
  7. This is probably my favorite bag; the Myrtille epi Speedy 25
    Kuva557.jpg Kuva577.jpg
  8. my Blues Brothers:


    still hoping and praying for the day they make navy blue Suhali for men! :nuts:
  9. I'm in blue Le Fab ~

  10. ^Love the Le Fab!
  11. :drool: :drool: My LV inspiration!
  12. LOVE IT ALL! Oh my.. your indigo collection.. :drool: :wtf: :love:
  13. I wish they still made the broome wallet!
  14. WOWOWOOWOWOWWOWOOWW!:nuts: :nuts: