The Blue India debate continues...

  1. Okay, I know this has come up before, but are any of you worried about the Blue India being heinous? I am on preorder for it, and every pic I find of it VARIES so much! :wtf: Has anyone heard any new official descriptions?

    LVR's stock pic is so blue/grey, but then I keep hearing about the teal comparison and the turquoise undertones...:shrugs:

    Can ya'll post pics to see what we have of the India so far???? :flowers:

  2. Ditto on all the above. I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of the blue-grey as well and I about freaked when I saw the LVR pdf photos that Cal kindly sent.
    I love the color on the Balenicaga website but really disliked the LVR color.
    Anybody have any insider knowledge on what the color might really be like?
  3. I have wondered too. I don't plan to buy a bag in that color, but if I were going to, I'd want to buy it from a place I could return it if I decided I didn't like it.
  4. Okay, I am definitely a fool, but I keep hearing all this talk about seeing colors on BALs website, how do you get to that section? All I ever get to are the styles...
  5. reovi - I believe the part-time style (item #8 on Balenciaga's website) is the blue india color. ET posted a thread a while back, and it is the 4th picture shown (along with a few other pics of it).

    There does seem to be a few conflicting descriptions of it regarding the color, and unfortunately the only thing we can do right now is wait it out until the stores start receiving them in stock and then someone can post their opinions of it here. I think someone posted that the Bal NY is hoping to receive them by the end of next month? HTH! :flowers:
  6. Thanks, Cate, I missed that thread...
  7. Ooh, great comparison pics on ET's thread!
    Sheesh, the color variation is really extreme! Anyone who is familiar w/ an SA who has seen it, can we get them to give his/her opinion?
  8. It could just be a case, like the Ink, where depending on the light, depends on how the colour comes out, apparently, sometimes it is quite blue, sometimes quite purple, and other times, it looks close to black! There may not be an answer because all of the pictures are correct, just lit differently, hence the different undertones coming out!

    I wish you well,

  9. When I talked to Joseph at BalNY, he said the photo that most accurately represents the color is the one on the balenciaga site (photo #8).
  10. I like the pic with the more blue cast to it. The pics that show a more green color are nice but not my preference. Will be interesting to see what it actually looks like.
  11. I've just called Bal Paris just to check...
    I'm not fond of the SA in this store :throwup: : all the SA (except 1) look like Terry (well I just imagine because I don't know TC)
    I prefer Claire from the Printemps:love: , but the Printemps are always delivered 2-3 weeks after Bal Paris, and I really need to know when the Blue India will be available...
    Here is a "résumé de la conversation" :
    - Bal Paris Bonjour
    - Hello, could you please tell me when the Blue India will arrive ?
    - Blue India ???
    => So I give the other name Bleu Pavone / Bleu Gris and try to explain the Blue...
    - Oh, you must speak about the Turquoise from last's sold out!
    - No I speak of the Blue India from this 06 Fall.
    - Oh yes we have a blue ... A rich Bleu Roi (so Blueberry)
    - No it's not the right blue.
    - So Madame, I'm afraid your Blue India doesn't exist.
    As I said before I'm not fond this store, so I've finally said, and I must admit I was a little rude :rant: :
    -You should look at your website : there's a photo of a Part time in Blue India.
    She answered she will check the website,and to call back in September because they will be close 2 weeks in August.
    Be sure I won't call back the Coxy Store, and buy it in September :tender: from Claire : I'm always the first on the list :love: !!!
  12. Hi, everyone, I've preordered the Blue India at Selfridges in Birmingham UK as well. The SA there said that it looks most like the picture posted on the website ( She said the colour is a bluey-grey, but on the website, it looks more like a "bluey green" to me??!! :wtf: I don't think I'm colour-blind. Hope this helps.
  13. geez, what's up with these rude & unknowledgable SA's, sorry that happened to you fromparis :sad:
  14. I never trust the colors on LVR but I just know Bal photographed that bag to be even more beautiful than she really is!
  15. YES! :nuts: I'm crossing my fingers that he's a good judge of color (hehe). The color on the site is divine, I've never seen a blue like it before...