The Bleecker Shopper - let's discuss....

  1. Sooo, as I sit here updating my Coach wishlist, I am really drooling:drool: over the bleecker shopper in black (I'm boring so black is my staple color).


    None of the stores in my area has gotten this bacg yet so I'm still waiting to see it IRL. Has any lucky tPF'er picked this baby up yet? If so, please share your thoughts, comments, pics! :graucho:
  2. oh my. I love that too. Does it come in other colors?
  3. I do love this bag but like you need to see it in person first. If I like it
    I may just purchase it for Christmas.
  4. I also thought it was really cute on the website, but my local Coach doesn't have it in stock.
  5. Just looked in my catalog...British Tan, and Black. :yes: But WAIT there is also..."A limited Edition BLEECKER ALLIGATOR shopper No.11491 for...hold on to you chair... for only $20,000!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:!!! That one comes in 3 colors...Mahogany, Black, and Garnet. WOW!!!:okay:
  6. I love this bag too. It's on my wishlist! I have been wanting a satchel shape and this has the great boho look I love too. I can't wait to see it IRL!
  7. Yeah, I noticed the alligator version and its cool colors in the catalog.

    Ahh!:girlsigh: If I only was Bill Gates's daughter or an heir to Oprah's fortune. lol :tender:
  8. I kinda like this bag! I wonder if my mom would like this as a Christmas present...?
  9. This is actually the only bag from the Bleecker collection that I like. It's on my wishlist in British Tan. I love the alligator version, but last time I checked I didn't have 20 grand lying around...:nogood:
  10. This bag is super cute. Too bad the straps probably aren't long enough for me :sad:
  11. I love this bag and want it in black (coal) too! I want to see it IRL, but I don't think I can wait. I think I'm going to go to my local Coach boutique and order one tomorrow. I have NO patience! I'm just really hoping that it will fit over my shoulder. It's got a 9 1/2" drop - so it should.
  12. I'll probably have to wait until next month to order it but I really like that bag! It is gorgeous and I love satchels! I would also love to see it IRL but my store won't be getting any of those bags in.
  13. Well I heard from my Coach SA at Von Maur that they had the shopper in their inventory system, but they didn't have one in the store - yet! I told her to call me ASAP when it comes. I'll take a few pics if and when it comes.

    *fingers crossed*
  14. OMG... the Bleecker Leather Shopper is no longer on the Coach site. What happened? I NEED THAT BAG!!! I just need to wait until payday. I hope it will still be available? Has anyone heard anything about this bag?
  15. My local Coach store said they'd get it in in a few weeks. I suspect the stores are only starting to get them now, while the website has had it for a couple weeks already. I can't wait to see one IRL!