The BLAKES are here!!

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  1. I received the tomatoe red blake AND the tapioca blake this week!! I LOVE them both, but am sending back the tapioca..:Push: When you see the pics you'll think I'm crazy..The combination of color/stitching/hardware is unbelievable...The pics really do no justice...I am def keeping the red one..It will forever be my classic red bag..One issue w/ the blake however is the reason I (already) sent the tapioca one back...The outside strap keeps flopping off when I wear it on my shoulder...Never read anything about this..Maybe it's just My shoulder (?!)...I was playing dress up with the red blake today and discovered if I 'tuck' the outside strap underneath the inside strap it stays better....I noticed this when I was shopping Wednesday..It was somewhat annoying as I was conscious about it..Looks rather odd with a stiff handle hanging 45 degrees off my most of the time I carried it in the crook of my arm but it's hard to do that with shopping bags!! Anyways, I can easily deal with this issue with the red one, but decided it wasn't worth it to deal with with (2) of the same...As I'm SURE I will be buying more bags..I was afraid I wouldn't rotate that bag in as often as I should for that kind of $$ and it would work it's way to the 'seldom used' shelf....Don't want this to happen so I will look for another bag in this color combo....Let me know what you think!! :heart: Emmy

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  2. :yes: More pics.....

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  3. Congrats Emmy! They are gorgeous! And look at you! All tiny and everything. There is no way you could ever fit in those fat pants!
  4. OMG EMMY!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that tomato red Blake!!! I'm sorry you aren't keeping the Tapioca one. It's beautiful too. But I'm glad you're keeping that red one. It's mega fabulous!! Thanks for all the pics - you're such a good model!!:yes:
  5. ^Thanx ladies! You're both so sweet! It was a long ride to the post office this afternoon returning the tapioca but I know in my heart I made the right choice...I do love the red one!! That is a keeper! :heart: Emmy
  6. If it's not perfect, perhaps choose another purse? The blakes are gorgeous and I love the three compartments, but they are very heavy to hold on the crook of your arm the whole time. Beautiful colors though!
  7. Wow, tomato red is TDF! I love the contrast of the silver hardware and I definitely think you made the right choice. I've had double straps do that to me before and it can be super annoying! Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL new bag! :love:
  8. HOT HOT HOT! I love the red bag, I think you made the right choice.... Congratulations!! I'm sorry to see the tapioca bag go....
  9. wow, emmy...the red is TDF! i'm jealous, i must admit :smile:
  10. Me too thithi..It is gorgeous...but I just don't want to have to deal w/ the strap issue on (2) bags..Thinking about the large multi pocket in that same combo...I'll have to ask bag.lover what styles come in tapioca...:heart: Emmy
  11. Congrats Emmy! You look great with both Blakes. =) Glad to hear that you Tomato.

    Will write you soon. =)
  12. Emmy, these are the items that are available in Tapioca. =)

    SOFT CALF: Diane, Classic Hobo, Newbury, Venetia, Blake, LG Multipocket, Multipocket

    SOFT CALF SLG (small leather goods): Zip Clutch, Zip Wallet, Credit Card Case, Double Face Wallet, Key Pouch

    There are 3 other SOFT CALF styles for Resort 06 (Eva, Satchel, Shoulder Bag). I overlooked the colors so I'm not sure if Tapioca is one of them.
  13. I absolutely LOVE the tomato red. I think it's smart of you not to keep the tapioca. Congrats
  14. i love the red!!!!!!! great selection. congrats!!!
  15. Love that red one - gorgeous!