The Blake - heaviness

  1. Hi

    I'm wondering if everyone out there just gets used to how heavy these high end bags are? I'm carrying my new Blake for the first time today and and really noticing how heavy she is. Tell me I'll get used to it!

  2. I have two Blakes and LOVE them. However, I never really got used to their heaviness. If I know I'm going to do a lot of walking I usually pick a different bag to wear.
  3. OK that helps - when you choose a different bag is it a cheaper bag or are there other designer bags that are lighter?
  4. I have the quilted Blake and a Paddy and they're about the same weight, maybe a bit less for the Blake but hard to tell. I've gotten used to the weight:smile: But if it really digs in or you just can't get the hang of it, there def are lighter bags out there:smile:) Balenciagas are really light! The Muse is also ok, not as light as B-bags but no way as heavy as the Blake.
  5. Great thanks for the ideas. I certainly plan on getting used to it! Too expensive to sit at home!
  6. I carry my Balenciaga bags most of the time, because they weigh essentially nothing! I love a few "heavier bags," though, and I would not part with them! Sometimes it's just worth it to carry a heavier bag--because they're so darn gorgeous! (And you do get used to it--at least it doesn't seem AS heavy. Just don't carry a bottle of water or hardcover books in your bag!)
  7. I always prefer a nice, heavy bag...the heavier, the better. A constant reminder that you've REALLY got something there. The weight helps to hold it snug on my shoulder - keeps the straps from slipping off, which drives me crazy.
  8. Balenciaga motorcyle bags are feather light. The Ferragamo bag I just got (there's a pic in my handbag showcase) is also very light. My LVs from the epi line (Speedy 25 and Jasmin) are also light. Actually, the Blakes are probably the only really heavy bags I have. All of these bags are designer bags and are either around the same price as the Blake or a little more.
  9. Just remember.....its better to look good then feel good!

  10. I love it! You all make me smile! Thank you.

  11. hehehe:P

  12. agreed! :P
  13. its quality :smile: i love it.
    I think you just get used to it after a while. I'm sure also the leather and metal details on the bag weigh it down.
    I just noticed this one on Elux.. looks HOT for summer


  14. Well PF-er's - I'm lookin' good and getting used to my weighty Blake. I've disco vered that if I carry on my shoulder it's better. So, whew...I'm adjusting...however...I WILL need a fabulous light bag for weekends and kid time...cross body style of some sort. People have recommended Balenciaga and others...any additional thoughts?

    I like the Hayden Harnett Ibiza bag for work -- anyone have this bag? I saw it in In Style.
  15. I love my blake and wear it as an everyday bag to work. Love it, and not bothered by the weight at all. If I am running errands, I love my balenciaga city because it is so lightweight and more casual. But the Blake is just amazing! Love it!