The BlackBerry (aka CRACKberry) and BBags Club!

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    • If the addiction starts on the PC and ends up on your BlackBerry - join!
    • If you have "Blackberryitis" in your thumbs - join!
    • If you'd rather spend your day BBM-ing than working - join!
    Post pics of your BBags with your BBerry.

    -Blame the BlackBerry.
  1. Random question:

    Does anyone of you gals have trouble loggining into and reading your messages? I can never seem to open the message via my BB. When I click on it, the little star "time" thingy just keeps circling.
  2. ohh i'm a crackberry addict!! my top 3 are facebook application, twitterberry (twitter application) and tpf on the web browser!! i'm like a mad woman! i always think ppl on the tube or bus must think i'm a freak (carrying Bal whilst checking Bal forums :-?)
  3. Oh, I like this club! I'll have to get some cool shots to post!:supacool:
  4. Me too. I was gonna snap some shots today at work, but then all I have is my BB as my camera and well...that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it.... :rolleyes:
  5. I'm all over my email on this damn phone!

    1. email
    2. facebook
    3. bbm my dear BF

    Never tried twitter before, am not needing another addiction at this moment. You're a madwoman!
  6. I don't have a bal YET... scouting out my first... waiting on perfect color. :smile: I am however a crackberry addict. I just ordered the new 8900 through Tmobile today!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!
    Btw, how do you check and post to tpf on bbry? Just through the web app? Tmo's edge network is so slow that would take forever for me! Is there a better way?
  7. ^^ Not sure if its the network or what, but I have Sprint and tpf loads slow there too. Not only does it load slow, but the page looks all jacked up. VERY difficult to maneuver...

    When you gettin your first Bal?
  8. LOL I'M IN! I'll post pics later!
  9. Wooohoo!! I'm IN!! Wouldn't it be cool if there was a TPF application for the BB? :tup: I can't live without my BBM!:graucho: Will post pics later with my BB!:heart:

    You know what? I do have trouble logging in to Bonanzle even on my PC not just my BB..still can't figure out why
  10. I'll be joining this club later today! Am going to exchange my iPhone for the Blackberry Bold... I've had enough of being unable to dial a number while driving, plus the inability to use the bluetooth for things other than an earpiece? BAH!
  11. omg!! I love it!!!! I will post pix this weekend!!:yahoo:
  12. I have the BOLD!! i love the sh****nit out of it!:yes:
  13. Welcome!

    Get rid of that damn thing. LOL.

    The BBBold looks soooo sleek. Wish Sprint had the Bold, but alas, just the Curve 8330 for me.
  14. Are you using Firefox or IE for your browser? I use Firefox and only have a few troubles with bonanzle.


    Logging in. Even though I always choose to "remember password" it never pops up unless I start typing my username. Annoying.

    Checking messages in bonanzle from my BB. The stupid message won't open! Annoying

    I've also tried emailing bonanzle and telling them about this "bug" their site has, but they keep telling me that "the issue I'm having is with Firefox, not bonanzle." Still, you might want to contact them to see if there is a reason its not working for you.