The black vinyl coco cabas

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  1. I have questions for all black vinyl coco cabas long have you been using the bag? do you encounter any problems w/ the bag (e.g. peeling, scratches, etc.)? how do you store your bag? do you have to take extra care to it?

    I just got mine and I do want to find out more from those of you who have been using it for awhile. Thanks!! ;)
  2. I use my bag pretty frequently and I don't really take care of it as it's vinyl. FOrtunately there is no peeling, or scratches. I just wipe it down with a microfiber lens fabric as if it's good enough for glass, it should be good enough for my bag.
  3. I don't use it to often, but it seems very sturdy when I do. I worry about my classic more than the coco cabas. Congrats on your recent arrival!!!
  4. handbag_luvr and loveone7, thanks for the info! Since the bag is in vinyl, I am scared that it will not be as durable as leather, and it will have wrinkles and scratches easily. So I want to make sure I know how to take care of this bag! :smile:
  5. ohhhhhhhhhh how fabulous that you got your vinyl black cabas................actually, to me, its the kind of bag that if you get some scratches, it wouldn't really matter ...kind of like when LV bags get that honeyed color on the handles after awhile. Its a big gorgeous don't-worry-bout-being-real-careful type of bag.

    PS I'll trade you my diamond tennis bracelet and a couple of pairs of Chanel shoes if we're the same size, along with my vintage Chanel charm bracelet, for your bag :nuts: :wlae: ;)
  6. ^^^So CUTE!!!
  7. Sorry if you all have posted this already....just came across this article from the New York Times about this bag

    Bag Ladies - New York Times
  8. I saw this before...doesn't it look ridiculous when you put it all together like that? Luckily I have only seen one other IRL other than my own :sweatdrop: .
  9. ^^ I actually like the bag on others its too big for me but its really nice!!
  10. The sales associate also told me it's the kind of bag that I don't really have to take special care of.....aftering reading the all the comments, I guess this is true! :yes:
  11. Vinyl bag has held up very well. No problems with the logo changing color or the metal rubbing off, no peeling at all. IMO, the first edition of anything will hold it's own against second issues or later.The bag can we very trendy or classy according to how you are dressed. This is the first time a bag of this type has been designed. I think it will vintage well, no regrets. My daughter gets lots of rave comments when she wears her bag. Especially, nice with the black frame sunnies with the double silver cc from the s/s collection. Tres Chic!!!! Enjoy, and wear it in good health. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!