The black, multipocket Marc Jacobs in large...

  1. Is this a classic bag? The hardware is silver and larger and the stitching is white (on black). I got it for 20% off 11/05 from bloomingdales. I never wore it - I was waiting for the winter of the following year. Is this bag still IN? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If you like it and it looks good with what you're wearing, then why not? :shrugs:

    I think it's good to be aware of trends, but I don't think there's any need to follow them slavishly. :biggrin:
  3. of course it is! black bags never go out of style and the mj multipocket is a classic! i have the same one! i;ve only worn it once because i am scared of the lining. lol
  4. i think the MP is classic, especially since MJ keeps coming out with bags that have the small pockets on the bags just in different shapes/sizes/colors

    I have the same exact bag you have except in the smaller version and I simply love it. Such a comfortable shoulder bag! and the leather is just soooooo buttery smooth!

    Wear it and enjoy it, if you decide it isn't for you you can always sell it, no?

    P.S. Lately, I'm not even a fan of black bags/shoes, so the fact that I still like this one means A LOT :smile:
  5. I think MJ's are always classic but you just have to decide whether it is "you" or not because you are the one spending the $. You can always get alot for it on eBay if you decide not to keep it. Good luck!
  6. you have to be confident in what you wear and carry. then that bag is as in as you want it to be.
  7. Thanks ladies....I have the large multipocket.. thinking maybe it's big because I don't fill it up and it "sloughes" in the middle
  8. The MJ MP is one of his classic styles. It's a beautiful bag and as long as YOU love it, it should be timeless.
  9. Have you tried on the regular size (smaller than large)? If you still don't like it, maybe it's better to let it go and get something you love & use. Whether or not the bag is still a classic is not the most important factor.

    Multipocket (regular & large size) is still being produced every season from Marc Jacobs. Black and White (variation of this color family) are the only 2 colors that repeat season after season; they are the basic colors that hardly ever go on sale (just like other brands). Other colors come and go (get reduced in price), but black and white are always in.

  10. Hmmm mine "slouches" too, even though i have the smaller version...