The Black Donnelly's

  1. Anyone else watch this? It's pretty good.
  2. The Black Donelly's is currently my husband's favorite show. As far as regular network shows go, I think it's great. I was just watching The Virgin Suicides, and the actor who plays Tommy Donnelly is also in that film. He's one of the younger boys who are obsessed with the Lisbon sisters.
  3. My husband and I watch it. I like it.
  4. I havent watched it yet... But my Husband likes this show.

  5. Really?! I'll have to watch that movie again, I liked it.

    Dh was the one who got me watching it...I enjoy it though.
  6. *SIGH* So I hear they are cancelling this show... Its really the only show right now that I was making a point of watching. Also no more Rome... I guess they need to make more room for "the next pussycat doll" or something equally as retarded.
  7. ^^^Really? they are canceling it? That's to bad. I think because of its timeslot.
  8. I just watched the pilot. It seems like a pretty good show. "Tommy" is a doll! :heart: I've been looking for another show to get addicted to. Grey's & Desperate Housewives just isn't
  9. Hey, I loved Rome, too! Especially Kevin McKidd (aka Lucius Vorenus), and The Black Donnellys was also our Rome replacement. I bet they are going to cancel it in favor of another stupid reality/contest show.