The Black Donnellys

  1. Did anyone watch this and what did you think of it? I thought it was pretty good. I expected it to be an Irish version of the Sopranos. But I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't ripping off the Sopranos. I think NBC has another hit on its hands considering it is on right after Heros.

    The Black Donnellys TV Show - The Black Donnellys Television Show -
  2. I watched this last night. I liked it a lot. Definitely put it on season pass :smile: I'm waiting to see where it goes as the pilot was pretty introductory.

    FYI, they are repeating it on Thursday at 10pm.
  3. I saw it on repeat. Loved it. Let's hope it stays.
  4. I really like it too. I only watched it because I was to lazy to change the channel after Heros.
  5. I didn't watch it, but I have heard a lot about it from my dad... his friend's son is the main character as a teenager. His name I think is Jimmy Walsh, or that is my dad's friend's name... I dunno....

    Glad it is good! I hear this kid is going to have quite a career.
  6. yeah..i liked him in that Bruce Willis movie: "hostage"....