The Black Dahlia

  1. Hello everone let me just start off by saying how great this movie was. It kept me on my feet throught the whole movie and its a def a fav in my collection. To those who havent seen it I strongly recomend it. To those of you you have seen the movie what did you think? A murder mystery that is still unsolved to this day and people are just so fascinated with it.
  2. It's pretty interesting movie..well..I watched it because Josh & Scarlet were in it..
  3. Honestly, I couldn't stand it :shrugs:
    Perhaps it was Hilary Swanks completely unbeliveable character that through me off...she didn't fit the part at all!
  4. still contemplating whether or not i should rent this since a lot of people have mixed feelings about this movie.
  5. I didn't like it at all either. The only thing that kept me watching was Josh Hartnett.

    Hilary's accent was annoying.
  6. I love those old film noirs. They have a lot of style.
  7. I HATED this movie. Sorry, I just loved the book so much, and they butchered it. And why did Hillary Swank look like a drag queen? She was so poorly cast!