The Black Dahlia

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  1. Anybody going to see this? It looks pretty promising.
  2. It seems like a good movie from the trailers...but I'm not the hugest fan on Josh Harnett. So, I'm waiting for it to come out on dvd unless everyones review for it is great. Has anyone read the book?
  3. I have not read the book but I have read about it on Actually there are a lot of books out on the subject of Black Dahlia since the mystery was never solved.
  4. It's so creepy, but I love crime stories.

    Did anybody see the gruesome body photos?!
  5. I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD.
  6. The actual ones? Yeah, there were a few on It was speculated that the victim was tortured ... The way the perp laid out her body was so gruesome, cutting her in half and laid the two halves out separately *shudders*

    Did you know that when this crime became a sensation with the press, the reporters were desparate to get background info on the victim so they went as far as calling the victim's Mom and lied that they wanted personal info on her daughter as she had "won a beauty contest". Then when they got the info they needed, they told the Mom that actually her daughter had been brutally murdered:rant:
  7. ^ That's terrible. People are so ruthless sometimes.

    On another note, does anyone recognize the song from the trailer?

  8. Why not??? I have the biggest crush on him..:love: :love: LOL

    I don't think I will go to movie for it but I will rent it. I am currently reading the novel the black far it's kinda slow..

    Well I love Josh and Scarlett...they both can't really act but love them LOL
  9. LOL you said it yourself. His best film is Sin City & that b/c he only had like 5 mins. & 2 lines. Just Kidding he's okay, I like Scarlett better. But they make a great couple.
  10. Read the book - fascinating murder mystery - will be in the theatre to see it as soon as it opens!!!!!!!
  11. The movie looks interesting. I think I might actually see that.

    And yes, I have seen the crime scene photos! If there's a *shuddering* buuuhhhh! Smiley, I'd use it!
  12. Did anyone watch the 48 Hours Mysteries about this case on Tuesday? It was really creepy.
  13. There is a book? Hmm, now I want to read it... Is it good?

  14. Yea, I saw it. Some guy believes that his father was the murder of the Black Dahlia. And although evidence showed that his father wasn't linked to the case the guy still blamed his father. It's all very weird..I have to say.

    Anyways the movie does looking interesting but I don't think I'll be seeing it in theaters....looks like a movie to be rented on dvd.:wlae:
  15. This movie sounds very intriguing. The whole Black Dahlia murder case fascinates me even though its all so creepy how that actress met her demise. I think I might like to see this movie even though I'm not a big theater goer...