the birthday sock

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    What is The Birthday Sock?

    The Birthday Sock is a stocking you hang for your birthday.

    Why would I want to hang a stocking for my birthday?

    If you hang a stocking for your birthday it gives others an opportunity to give you more presents. If you don't, then you don't even stand a chance of getting more presents! The real question is, why wouldn't you want to hang a stocking for your birthday?

    How do I use The Birthday Sock?

    Same concept as a Christmas stocking. Hang it up well before your birthday, and let others know that it is in need of being filled with gifts. Your loved ones will realize that your birthday is coming up and that you are so special you deserve lots of presents. On your birthday morning your birthday sock will be crammed full of fun!

    What if my Birthday Sock is not filled with gifts on the morning of my birthday?

    Then you should throw a huge fit.

    Isn't The Birthday Sock just a regular old sock?

    No, The Birthday Sock is not just a "regular old sock". These socks are built to be filled with big heavy presents. The Birthday Sock is long and made of 100% nylon so it can stretch year after year and never lose its shape.
  2. That's hysterical.
  3. I think that's cute when you live with friends... ;)
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