The Birthday Birkin

  1. msbroberts,
    I think everyone, including those who doubt your bag, regret any pain this has caused. You were never "flamed". It is the bag that is in question, not you. I hope that this incident will not deter your interest in Hermes.
    Also, I hope that you will have the very happy experience of purchasing a Birkin at Hermes.
  2. I have bought a bunch of stuff including bags from Hermes but never asked their return policy - anybody know what it is? Say you got a bag you didn't like as a gift - could you return it to NY if bought in Paris? Could you do same store return? Just wondering.
  3. ^^ I just checked the back of a receipt from when I bought a Twilly, and it says "merchandise credit only" if returned in original condition within 10 days.
  4. Thanks - never thought to check a receipt.