The Birth'a bag

  1. For all you expectant mommies (and grand mommies or friends of expectant people):

    The Already-Packed Maternity Bag. Filled with wonderful natural and organic products,
    for the greatest of all moments, the birth of your baby!

    Birth'a Bag conveniently doubles as a Diaper Bag .
    Pack a bag! What should I take? There are many items an expectant mother should bring to the hospital or birthing center. Stay calm, focused, don't forget to breathe and leave the packing to us!

    Birth'a Bag will help ensure that you have everything at your side to get you through the journey of labor. Birth'a Bag doubles as a diaper bag measuring 14x14x5" - complete with all the pockets and features in a great diaper bag, including a matching changing pad. Choose from the Birth'a Bag V.I.P (Very Important Pregger) or the Birth'a Bag Basic. It's the same bag on the outside, filled a bit differently on the inside.
    In addition to the many natural and organic products it's filled with, Birth'a Bag is packed with love and warm wishes for a safe & happy delivery . A portion of Birth'a Bag sales is donated to organizations that support prenatal health and wellness.


    here's the website:
  2. Not muchs comes with it and they want a crazy price for it!!! :wtf:
  3. Oh-I didn't even look at the price-just thought it was interesting.
  4. Oh the concept is definitely interesting!! :smile:
  5. Huh? So you take a bag to the hospital that's filled with:
    Birth'a Bag V.I.P:
    Face and Hair

    B. Kamins Face Cleanser
    Vegetable based and gentle for all skin types
    B. Kamins Facial Moisturizer
    Essential nutrients moisturize and enhance radiance
    White Towel Service Lavender Infused Washcloth
    For cooling compresses or microwave to soothe and relax
    Hair Stretchy
    You may just need to get it out of your way
    Wooden Hair Brush
    Hair can look fabulous through the journey of labor and for visiting hours
    Lizard Lip Balm
    Natural base, petroleum free and oh so moisturizing
    Recycline Preserve Toothbrush
    Environment-friendly 100% recycled plastics in handle
    Weleda Natural Toothpaste
    Sensitive for delicate gums
    Radius Natural Silk Dental Floss
    Spun in natural beeswax
    Chandler's Natural Body Butter
    For lush hand and body moisturizing
    Chandler's Natural Lavender Body Powder
    Soft and silky made of fine kaolin clay
    Weleda Natural Rose Deodorant
    Infused with pure essential oils
    Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil
    Helps harmonize body and spirit
    Perx Organic Lavender Towelettes
    For hand, face, body and soul
    CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray
    You can never have too many anti-germ items
    100% Cotton T-Shirt
    Your birthing coach, husband, partner (or all of the above) may need to change into something a little more comfortable. Please specify Small, Medium, Large or X-Large on order area
    Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops (kosher)
    The perfect remedy for feeling dehydrated
    Chomp Natural Cookie
    A snack for your birthing coach, it could be a while and you don't want to miss anything
    Endangered Species Chocolate (kosher)
    Again, thinking of the birthing coach plus this natural chocolate helps support habitat and humanity
    Original Music CD
    Calm relaxing birthing music that you can also download unto your iPod or MP3 player
    Kodak Disposable Camera
    Everyone wants to see pictures

    What about baby stuff? Or is the baby coming home buck nekkid for $180?
  6. And who the heck would use all that stuff? I didn't think about brushing my teeth until the NEXT day! LOL (both times).
  7. Though I wasn't referring to the toothbrush and toothpaste, but powder?