The Birth of My Little Project

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  1. I hesitated to post about this because it may come off like I'm tooting my own horn, but trust me I'm not. I'm just so THRILLED that the locals at our Department of Corrections FINALLY got this program going. Three years ago in January, I was religiously watching the Cell Dogs show on Animal Planet. During one episode, the light bulb went off: we had all the makings of a program right here in our county. The minimum custody prison, animal control and the veterinary tech program through our local community college all sat in a perfect triangle within eyeshot of one another. It's a LONG story, but I wrote up a proposal, submitted it to the NC Department of Corrections. It was three years of headaches because this county doesn't do anything in a hurry, but have a look at the video of the Kick Off for our first class of trainers and dogs. It's only around a 3 minute video. I'm not in the video, just in the background, but these were some of the folks I got to work with me on it. I could just bust my buttons! :tender:

    I had tentatively named the program Serendipity because of the geographic location of all the pieces needed, but since the Dept. of Corrections came up with New Leash on Life for the other units, they called it that. The case manager in the video did give me a nod though: they made up a wooden sign that says Serendipity and he let me pick where it was to be placed in the kennels.
  2. That's AWESOME!!!:tup::woohoo::dothewave::party:

    It must feel really good to know that you are helping to save lives.:heart:
  3. As Danica said, awesome!!
  4. Prada Psycho you are one awesome lady ! i admire you ! lots of hugs ! :heart:
  5. PRADA UR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a project here in AZ like that, called MASH...prison inmates help care for stray/seized animals, etc.

    Sherriff Joe Arpaio started it....LOVE him!!
  6. Prada, YOU ARE SO AWESOME. Many may have ideas, but to actually act upon and go through it to see it happen...that's really priceless. We are so proud of you!!!
  7. Prada, this really moves me--I love to hear about projects like this. It's good for the people involved and the animals benefit. It's just all-around fantastic!! You get the Purse Forum Animalicious award for great ideas!:woohoo::tup::woohoo:
  8. I do so love these programs and I am so happy you managed to get one off the ground in your county.
    You should definitely be blowing your own trumpet & bursting with pride, good for you!
    You are fabulous!
  9. Wow that is fantastic - congrats prada!:yahoo:
  10. You are our own hero!!
  11. You really give me far more snaps than I deserve. It wasn't my idea per se. I just swiped it from Cell Dogs, tailored it for our county and submitted the idea to the State DOC. But thanks! :shame:

    I'm waiting for an update from the program coordinator on how it's going. It's been over a month since the Kick Off so I'm really curious.
  12. That's GREAT! Good for you, way to be proactive!
    I'm an hour or two north of Gaston Cty so it's nice to see this being done so close to home. Good job!
  13. ^^^I saw a post of yours earlier today and wondererd where in NC you were. You need to come to our next tPF meeting at Southpark!! We have a BLAST!!
  14. Wow, Prada you ROCK! I think you're my new hero!

    This program sounds so fabulous, I just can't tell you how proud I am to be part of a forum that has such inspired members!

    I wish there were more people like you around the world :smile:

    Good job, you definitely deserve to toot your own horn, this is a great initiative!!! :yahoo:
  15. Cool! I'm in the foothills, up near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not too far from the Blowing Rock Coach outlet. ;)