The Birth of Modern Luxury

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  1. Does anyone have this LV book? What was the original retail price? I believe it came out towards the end of last year. I would love to get this book..Amazon has it for $219.00...(used) And I actually saw an ad with someone asking $1,500 for it, used in excellent condition! I don't trust ebay...Any suggestions on where else I can look for this? ( it seems Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble, and Borders are tied in with Amazon) I would like to purchase this book for less than 219...and brand new. Any suggestions? Thank you!:wacko:
  2. Thank you SwankyMamaof3! Looking into it right now! :smile:
  3. I ordered mine there just today! I wonder if there's another reasonably priced website w/ them IN stiock{?}
    eBAY is getting between $145-200 a piece!!!
  4. I ordered mine from inkleaf about a month ago. It's a special order and its backordered. It'll take 6 to 8 weeks. They already charged my account and I'm just dying here waiting for it.
  5. Thanks LgaV and Mom! 6-8 weeks......So much for instant gratification...LOLOL! I am still surfing to see if I can find other cheaper websites. It is good to know that I can order it from inkleaf. Best, aw :smile: LgaV...Hopefully only 2 more weeks to go for you! ($87.50 is not bad at all if it was going for 125)
  6. I just Googled about 20 pages . . . there's nothing as far as I could find. LMK if you get a better lead! LOL!
  7. Crap! 20 pages? Please take a break! Whew.....If I can find it for a lower price, I will be sure to post it on here. Thank you for googling. My turn
  8. they have them at the LV here for abt 160..I would be happy to pick one up for someone.. I'm not sure how much the shipping would be though because it's pretty heavy but I think it would fit in one of those flat rate envelopes..I think they're 11..maybe..
  9. If I only had the patience to look for former threads.....This was a post about 4 weeks ago...(MODS feel free to delete this post) ..DOH!!!! The cheapest posted was for $75.00
  10. Thanks for being so kind as to think of others!!! (((HUGS))):biggrin:
  11. Page 5 of General Discussions..there is a post by edsbgrl.....(sorry)
  12. ROFL!:biggrin:

    :love: UNCLE! I give up! LOL!
  13. I did look at the other discussion because I remembered their being one, I even looked at . . .there was something about it that didn't sit well w/ me . . . .
    wonder what that was now!!!{?}
  14. Maybe at they dont show the real cover of the book?