The Birth of Luxury book

  1. Is it still available in LV stores? Does anyone know?

  2. I saw it at the SF store this weekend. :yes:
  3. did? I wonder if the store near me has it...have to give them a call!


    Oh, also...what store in SF? I am going to be in SF next week and could stop by if the store near me doesn't have it.
  4. Union Square LV :biggrin:
  5. Thanks!
  6. I got mine form NM LAST WEEK @94.00, free shipping. iTS NORMALLY 125.00 (AT THE lv storeS too)
    I luv this book, so full of history, and pics-HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT
  7. Does anyone know if any LV in NY state has it?
  8. Like LABAG said, it's on sale at NM for $94. I bought mine online at NM and they shipped it overseas to me to Germany :smile:

    I believe that it's still available in the stores. You may have to call the store closest to you to see if they have it. If not, 866-Vuitton may be able to help you
  9. I got mine on It was discounted, too! I even bought one for a friend.
  10. Unfortunately it's not on sale anymore, at least not online. But Neiman Marcus does still have it available online for $125:

    I believe the last day of the online sale was Friday, because I bought mine Friday night for $94 (plus shipping because I didn't have the stupid free shipping code! :rant: ) and by Saturday morning it was back to $125. Now I can't wait for it to get here, woohoo! :biggrin: