The Birkin story

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  1. Handbags Inspired by Famous Actresses

    The actress who has had the most impact on a handbag design is Jane Birkin, a famous model and actress in 1984. She was sitting on an airplane next to the president of Hermes (Jean-Louis Dumas) and he noticed that she was trying to handle a large tote bag filled with everything she needed for her young daughter. During their conversation, they started to design a handbag that would suit the needs of a young mother and the Berkin Bag was born!
  2. Interesting story! Thanks.
  3. I love that story :biggrin:
  4. I saw this Birkin and my mouth dropped. IT's like $33,000.....eeeeeeeek!!!!

    Thanks for the short story !:love:
    hox2.jpg hox4.jpg hox6.jpg
  5. I agree now thats a bag! Beautiful!!!
  6. I don't want a $33K one, I'll settle for Togo leather in a fun color.

    Years ago, when I didn't know any better, I used to work with a designer in Switzerland whose wife was just the cutest thing. Always well dressed and just lovely. And she always had a different candy colored OSTRICH Birkin to match whatever she was wearing. If I had only known back then.....
  7. I love the Birkin design...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
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