The Birkin Fairy's Been! OMG!!!!!

  1. I caught sight of her this morning, fluttering around the house and managed to grab my camera and take a quick pic!!!


    She does exist!!!!!
  2. congrats Cal....:yahoo: :yahoo:

    did you give him a kiss after???
  3. lol! and congrats!
  4. Send that fairy my way will you!!!! Hope her skirt doesn't blow up, not exactly eye-candy is she, LOL
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao: She seems to have given you my Birkin!!
  7. CAL - OMG, congratulations on your gorgeous birkin! you have been good lately!

    P.S. you've been a fairy to me, too, today! thank you for the gift once again!
  8. OK, I actually got a call yesterday confirming that my Birkin had arrived so I raced up to my store this morning to get her!!! Naturally, it was love at first sight and upon handing over the Amex, the Store Manager cracked open a bottle of Champagne (it was 11.45 lol) and we had a toast to my first Birkin! Woohoo! Here are some more pics:

    In the store:


    My bedroom balcony:


    My Crazy Husband:

  9. Lol!! Well, the fairy may not be much to look at but that birkin :nuts: Congrats Cal, she is just stunning!!
  10. Congratulations on a great bag and a cute husband!
  11. CAL!!

    That is the best! Your pictures are hilarious, and you look so chic and lovely standing next to the saddles at H. Congratulations Cal, and may I say, DING DING DING!!

    You DH is a crack-up!

  12. :yahoo: Definitely cause for champagne:yahoo:

    Now why don't they do that at H in Upper East Alaska?
  13. Great looking Birkin and the Lady modeling her.... Is your new baby clemence?

    Congratulations! You have, IMO, the perfect Birkin:yahoo:
  14. Cal congratulations, i love your bag........ and your scarf and your shoes!! OMG you're so chic!! love the whole look!!
  15. cooongrats cal ,great !!1 send the fairy my way,great pics