THE BIRKIN ...and what we dont know

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Jan 17, 2009
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BUT .... the BIRKIN we love it we search for it even if theese days its said it is not what it used to be. and jane has had her own way of loving, hating, then loving, then using it as a billboard, then loving, and hating it all over but ........

heres the thing this bag is actually only just 30 years old and yet we know so Little about it ..... what do we know : we know a rather disputed story of a plane, an idea,something about a birkin with a strap, and then it being sold at auction. BUT !!!!. it seems to me that there are a few lost links, missing bits of information that i just cant find and i love HERMES history.

but here are a few questions that i have and that maybe you can help me with or ask what you may want to know yourself.

1.- when were 35 30 and 25cm sizes introduced. you see all i can find are pictures of carolyn bissette Kennedy with her black 40cm jane with her black 40cm and well not much more ....

2.- then theres the fact that the Font is something Hermes has changed over the years as have pockets and handles but we dont know when or why . this could be just evolution but any comments??

3.- aside from the sex and the city fenzy and rather odd use of the bag.... who were those first REAL birkin owners because it seems there are not many bags.
Are you one those buyers from the mid 80s to the mid 90s was the bag popular ?? what was the initial response to it.

4.- the colors ???

5.- did you ever see a birkin in those old days in the Street befor “Street style” when the Kelly was still at the top and Hermes was still all hand made.

My first birkin i bought in the early 2000s it was on display and yet this was the time of the so called waiting lists.
I should say all this has happened because i purchased an ostrich birkin 35cm from 1998 i love it its perfect ! perfect the stitching is flawless the bag is 18 years old and the skin looks amazing the chevre is so soft the hw is perfcetly mounted the handles are not flimsy and they are strong .... so it got me wondering. what was the birkin before the days of kiwi and kardashians ?????


Mar 25, 2010
Something not everyone knows. H made birkin with shoulder straps before. I saw it once in Paris on the street and I asked my SA. My SA, who worked for H for many many years, told me that straps were an option before. Later they removed the idea of having a strap because the straps sort of 'torn' the bags apart and changed the shape of the bag.


Sep 2, 2006
All very interesting questions! Most, if not all, have been the subject of previous threads so your answers are available through searching. Several of your questions relate to authenticity however and we try not to post those as they help scammers.

Hope your research sates your history knowledge quest.
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