The birdbath inspector (a quick reveal)

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  1. The birdbath inspector arrives in a special vehicle:

    "I received a report about a dirty birdbath."
  2. "Dirty birdbaths ruffle my feathers."
  3. "This will never work as a scarf ring."
  4. Love your reveals!
  5. "Dirty birdbath and an unacceptable scarf ring....I'm off to write the citation."
  6. "But wait....I'll hang out with Miss Lena (32 Rouge Casaque Epsom Retourne) for a while....I think I'm gonna like it here."
    (The birdbath inspector is a 90 Potiron/rouge/violet Mythique Phoenix.)
  7. Love your RC Kelly!!! Swoon...
  8. Love your Kelly and scarf.
  9. Lovely reveal and beautiful scarf and kelly
  10. Gorgeous kelly, but WOW your scarf is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing such a fun reveal!
  11. Gorgeous colorway!:tup:
  12. Thank you, Suzie, Lucynancy, Howardu09, Lilneko69 and Iffah!
  13. I love this! You made the phoenix come to life (albeit as a birdbath inspector but still to life!). I love the colours of everything...
  14. My bird bath is much dirtier than yours. Hoping for a visit from the birdbath inspector too. Fabulous!
  15. The Phoenix is beautiful!