The bill came and......

  1. Well, I bought the pink cloudy hobo from Saks and as it was on sale, I got it for around $720.
    Imagine my shock when the invoice showed the "Total Commodity Value" as $2000!!! :wtf::confused1:
    We get charged 7% tax here, so now I'm getting taxed on $2000 instead of $720.
  2. I informed my Saks SA. 1 week has passed...and I'm still waiting for a real response.
  3. poor you!! i hate being taxed so i totally understand how you feel. i hope you get reimbursed. good luck babe ;)
  4. so sorry about that:sad:!I'd suggest you call again and ask for the manager if she doesn't come up with something sound!wish you good luck!:yes:
  5. What a big mistake. Agree with chanelspell, you should call a manager. Waiting for an answer for a week is quite long already.
  6. yikes, what a terrible mistake.
  7. Oh mine...did they made a mistake? Tax u for $2000, that's ridiculous!

    I hope you can get that refund back soon. Sorry to hear that~
  8. Absurd, the only time I've seen paying tax on the regular price is with "instant rebate".
  9. Keep us updated!
  10. Ouch! Good luck getting reimbursed.
  11. I'd call again. A week is a long time with no response. Keep us posted...
  12. OMG!!! that is soooo scary! i hope everyhting will be ok
  13. Oh.. that is ridiculous.. What is the $2000 for? Plis keep us update. And I wish u good luck.
  14. Thank you all so much.
    Just a quick update, called Saks SA is not in, the manager is away until 24th and the lady whom my SA referred me to in the General Office is off!!!!
    I need some better luck.......
  15. How frustrating. You def. need a refund.