The biggest

  1. I'm not sure if this post goes here but, I wanted to know what's the biggest size carry on luggage I can take (LV of course), if I'm taking one I want it to be with me.
  2. Speedy 40? Or one of the smaller Keepalls.
  3. I beleive that it is a keepall 55
  4. It is different for domestic vs international travel. Also difference between American carriers vs foreign carriers. To be on the safe size I would do no larger than the 40
  5. You can also take a Pegase 50 and on some flights a PEgase 60, but check with airlines as people have previously mentioned domestic and international size limits vary. The Pegase 50 should be accepted on all airlines though, I have never heard of anyone having trouble with that size.
  6. It truley deppends on what airline you travel with.
  7. Pegase 60
  8. Thanks i think i'm gonna go with the Pegase 60.
  9. ^good choice! :biggrin:
  10. I have the Pegase 60, it's great but I am not sure if all airlines will let you carry it on. You need to take the dimensions & call before you travel.