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  1. Ok we all have our ethics and of course I am a firm believer in freedom of choice. I just wonder how many people make a conscious effort to buy 'fairtrade', etc. What lengths do you go to, if at all.

    I'll start.

    I always buy tea, coffee, breakfast cereal bars, bithday / christmas cards from Oxfam;

    Whenever possible I buy free trade goods (the geobars are gorgeous) -

    I always try to pay with my Amex (red) card -

    and I do email organisations that breach basic human rights (starbucks I am sooo beginning to hate you people!!!). I send emails such as this one..........

    Just wondered.
  2. Even if you're on a budget, if you get to know people in your community who come from different places, you can usually get "hooked up" with Trades that are both Fair, and direct - for example, you want some hand-woven Somethings in the traditional style of Wherever. The chances are that the friendly lady at the local grocery store that sells products used in Wherever Cuisine has a cousin back home who will weave you some... ;)

    So you end up with Fairly Traded but affordable stuff, and new friends who, if you play your cards right, just might invite you to supper.... ;)
  3. I only buy free-range chicken.
  4. I buy organic food whenever available, and shop at the local farmers market for produce in season, buy local, free-range eggs at our local grocery store (our community has kept the big box stores out of our town, which would put smaller local stores out of business). I buy fair-trade coffee, teas, chocolate, etc, and in my jewelry making I use Thai hill tribe silver beads from a cooperative in Thailand which reinvests its profits in the people of the village, buying them tools, supplies, and funding educational programs, etc. (Very cool!) That's all I can think of right now. (It's late, and I'm tired.)
  5. Pippi you should have your contacts in Thailand send you some photos of the embroidery and weaving if you are not familiar with it.

    You might want to start doing a little more Fair Trading with the hill tribe ;)

    And if I weren't on a Shopping Moratorium, I would probably be asking you to hook me up, too!

  6. Sounds scary to me (or rather, my wallet!)! I definitely do NOT need another thing to want to buy!:P
  7. Oh duh. I just now noticed you are a Bling Artist!
    You should save up to go over there and make friends and incite them to commit blingology seminars with you, then come back and make a fortune with your new Fusion lines.... :biggrin:
  8. Here it is folks.................... so far 20 million people :yahoo:

    The question is are you on our 'stop poverty' train speeding along with us, or back at the platform waving us goodbye?

    The above question requires no reply. Actions speak louder than words :shrugs:
  9. I am confused? What does this have to do with stopping worldwide poverty?? And I am not sure what "make trade fair" means?
  10. click on the "fair trade" link on the page she links to, it explain what fair trade is and how it relates to poverty.
  11. Hi, you already posted this once and a Moderator had to remove your link.
    I'm merging your 2 threads, but please don't post the link again w/o Megs/Vlad's permission.
  12. I think it's bit unfair really to express that everyone should buy fair trade. Fair trade are good products but not every1 can afford them hun. They are usually pushing twice or three times the price of non trade goods and not every family can meet that budget.

    But i love buying gifts at oxafam. I just love the fact a little boy or girl or someone lovely handmaking a sculpture i have in front of me with love & helping benefit their lives fairly :smile:
  13. Well out of order!

    I just think that it would costs them next to nothing to give more and they sell their products on the basis that they are fairtrade, etc. I think I will stand outside with a placard which says "I'd rather go naked than drink starbucks" - that should do the trick - lol

    Please stop posting this link everywhere. We've asked you repeatedly and won't keep asking ;)
    I'll merge this to your other threads.
  14. Good luck to those guys in Ethiopia.

    I hate Starbucks, too.

    Prices are too high.
    Shops are too noisy.
    You buss your own dishes.
    They expect tips.
  15. interesting. i drink chai tea latte's. and the prices are pretty normal.. for southern california.. being that we pay near $3 for a gal.of gas, or $1400 a month for a 500sq. ft. 1 bedroom apartment.. lol. everything's overpriced in socal.. so it's all gravy to me.