The BIGGEST LV handbag ...

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  1. I have a lovely collection of nicely proportioned LV bags, like the Alma and the Soufllot, yet somehow these are useless for work and travel. I am trying to select a huge LV style that will double as a handbag/overnight bag/work bag ... without getting a keepall 45 or something to briefcasey.

    I have my eye on either the Cabas Mezzo in MC, the Lockit Horizontal in MC, or the Chelsea in Damier.

    Any suggestions for the perfect "hold EVERYTHING" bag? What do you find perfect for all these tasks ...
  2. hmm i'm not sure how big it is...but maybe the congo in gm?
  3. Hmmm.... My suggestions:
    -Monogram Multicolore Aurelia GM
    -Antigua Cabas GM
  4. I wish I had bought the Nolita 24 heures before it was discontinued ... I adore that shape!
  5. are you talking about special ordering these in MC? i don't think MC special orders are allowed...
  6. i have the Batignolles Horizontal and Vertical. they hold everything that i need. from uni books to my laptop. and its really light-weight. i love it.
  7. Neverfull mm/ gm?
  8. I mostly use the BH or Mezzo for the days when I need to carry more with me.
  9. The Mezzo would make a great "everything" bag- you might even want to check out it's larger, discontinued sister the Cabas Alto that can still be found on ebay, Let-trade, etc.

    But yeah, you can't get Mezzo or Lockit in MC
  10. Yea, you aren't allowed to special order MC items except for suitcases. I vote for Saleya GM! =)
  11. i think they meant MC=monogram canvas :confused1:

  12. ooooh- that would make sense :P
  13. Maybe alma MM? I like that shape. What about Beverly XXL?? It's huge.
  14. What about a Neverfull Gm.
  15. I have the lockit H and it will go from day to night to work. You will have no issue using it as an over night bag either. Again depending on what you take over night :smile: but a change of clothes n/p.