The Biggest Loser


Oh what a DAY!!!
Aug 15, 2006
Is anyone else watching the finale next week? I've just got to say that this show is very inspirational and motivating. It really shows you that hard work and discipline can really pay-off.
I didn't watch it this season but I did watch the 2 previous seasons. It's a very inspirational show last season I was dieting & exercising & I lost 20 to 25 pounds. Of course I gained most of it back b/c I stopped watching what I ate & I moved so I stopped exercising at that point.
I'm watching and Tivo'ing the first two seasons of The Biggest Looser(on the Style Network and also on Bravo). Anyone know if a season 4 is on the way??

These people are true inspirations..and make you believe that it really is possible to get healthy with Diet and excercise
i enjoy this show! to see people losing so much weight from the start to the end is inspiring! true they went thru alot of ups and downs, but to see them looking fit and healthy makes me feel so happy for them.