The Biggest Loser season 10

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  1. Did anyone watch?
  2. I'm the only one? :nuts:
  3. I watched. I love the Biggest Loser. :P

    I'm thinking those who didn't make it will do some sort of at-home challenge.

    But, what is the 700 lb. addition to Tuesday's show? I guess it could be a couple of more people, but who??
  4. I read that the seven people that didn't get in from each city will get another chance to go to the ranch.
  5. i had a feeling that's what they'll do.

    i do like that this is how they made up the teams this time. i was getting really tired of families and friends.
  6. also though it was funny that they didn't have a guy compete for a pink shirt ;)
  7. hahaha I noticed that too
  8. I swear I cry at every single episode of this show but I still love it!! I felt so bad for the people that didn't get in. I hope they at least use it as a turning point though and change their lifestyles on their own.
  9. The woman with the 4 year old son who died of cancer almost broke my heart...
  10. Yes, yes, yes to everything you've posted!!!

    I always cry watching BL. Their accomplishments, their sad stories, their connections.

    Can't wait till Tuesday again! Ha!
  11. I absolutely love the show, but, for some reason, the picture on my DVR went out halfway through the first episode! I was so upset. I guess I'll be a week behind... but I'm so excited for the new season!

    This time, I've made a promise to myself that I'm not going to be the one sitting at home, watching the show while consuming tons of food. Bob always says something about it, like if you're at home watching the show eating potato chips right now, you need to make a change. So hopefully I can keep myself from drinking wine and eating pizza while watching the show! :smile:
  12. The show is definitly motivating!
  13. i always seem to be shoving my face with dinner as i'm watching this show lol
  14. Last season I was sitting on the couch eating dinner while watching the show. This season it just so happens that I joined a gym last week and will only allow myself to watch after I've worked out :nuts:
  15. I didn't love the first episode. I prefer when they are on the ranch. I found the stories hard to sit through too. I do feel bad for the people but also feel a sense of fat people being humiliated for ratings.