The Biggest House Cat Ever!

  1. My friend sent me this picture but didn't give me any resources (story, name, etc). Is this even possible?! :wtf: Has anyone heard or seen anything about "George" the cat?

  2. That is one BIG cat! How cute he is too!

    I remember seeing a segment about huge cats like these a couple of years ago on the Ellen Degeneres show. As I recall, I think she said they weigh 25 lbs. or more!
  3. lol that would be awesome to have a cat that huge!
  4. HAHA! Thats not a cat its a small child dressed like one! Holy Cow! But how cute is he! I think all that fur makes him seem bigger too.

    what a cutie.
  5. Awww!! Looks like a big teddy bear. He could be a maine coon, they are supposed to get real big.
  6. Can you imagine how much food this cat takes in a day? Let alone a year?!
  7. a lot of the photos of large cats are fake, not sure about this one. maine coons are one of the biggest breeds of cats.
  8. haha i havent seen that before thats insane!!! ! :smile:

    although there is a cat that lives at the pet store in my neighborhood that could hold candle to him

    prob couldnt beat him in length but this cat is
    NO JOKE 2 feet wide or more
    and he ways 35lbs its the craziest thing you have ever seen
    next time i need some pet stuff ill see if i can take a pciture ITS nuttts!!!

    and the best part is the cat is 18 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how a cat that largee survivied that long is AMAZING to me
  9. That is one big kitty!!!
  10. one big furry ball of cuteness! :heart:
  11. My mom has a Maine Coon, I wonder if he'll get this big?!?:nuts:
  12. He looks very happy modeling. LOL I would love that cat.
  13. Haha he looks so lazy and spoilt. Wow he's the size of a small child.
  14. ^
    I'd be afraid of having children near him, he'd eat them!:wtf:
  15. Yikes!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: