The biggest Hermes store in Germany

  1. Which store is the biggest in Germany? I am on a business trip in Stuttgart and have a free day this week. I was thinking of taking a train ride to some other German city and was wondering which Germany city's Hermes store is the biggest or with most items. Thanks.
  2. Your best bet would be Frankfurt. It's easily reachable by train from Stuttgart.
    Or Munich.
    But I would go for Frankfurt if I had only one day.
    Stuttgart has also a small franchised H store but it doesn't run under the Hermes name. For more info check HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance , go to magazins.
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick response. I was thinking either Frankfurt or Munich as well, just didn't know which one to go.

    Also, is it possible that you can provide me with the addresses? I think Hermes's website is down, I can't access it.
  4. I can't really remember the address but it could be Goethe Strasse - in any case it's in the very center of town - and there is one also at the airport.
  5. just found the address I think Hermes, 25 Goethe Strasse Franfurt 60313
    069 295 52 47 48 (this is from an old note in my agenda so it may not be current...and here's a fax no: 069 295249
  6. Thanks for the help!
  7. I think Baden-Baden would also be a good choice, I am sure the store there is extremely well stocked (it's Germany's Capital for spas and has THE casino)
    Sophienstrasse 3 A
    76530 Baden-Baden
    Tel. + 49 (0)7221 302 386
    Fax + 49 (0)7221 302 3870

    Here's Munich:
    Maximillianstrasse 22
    80539 München
    Tel. + 49 (0)89 29 19 703
    Fax + 49 (0)89 22 29 73

    Munich Airport
    Terminal 2
    Tel. + 49 (0)89 975 84 230

    Goethestrasse 25
    60313 Frankfurt
    Tel. + 49 (0)69 29 52 47
    Fax + 49 (0)69 29 52 49

    Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1B
    Tel. + 49 (0)69 69 70 69 60

    If you go by train to Frankfurt, you can do both the airport store and the Goethestrasse (train stops in airport)
  8. Berlin also has a pretty large store, but I don't know how big it is compared to the other cities mentioned. (I also don't know how far it is from Stuttgart.) However, I think it is worth pointing out that, depending upon what you are looking for, bigger isn't always better. I bought my dream Birkin at the store in Hannover, which is tiny! :smile:
  9. The store in Munich is pretty small but they're very kind and doing SOs isn't a problem at all but they don't have a lot of bags sitting on the shelves.
  10. Hamburg has one too - not a large store but I was OFFERED a Birkin there. Frankfurt was very easy to SO stuff - at least belt leathers though they kept warning me it would take forever (i.e., 6 months)
  11. typing lying down with cat kneeding on my hair - I meant warning not warming
  12. oh and you could also hit Cologne on the way from Stuttgart then go to Frankfurt! THe Cologne store is right near the Dome (big church)
  13. and then of course there's Dusseldorf! a short tour of Germany visiting only Hermes!
  14. Hey Liz, Frankfurt is on the way to Cologne (and Dusseldorf) from Stuttgart, not the other way round ;)!
  15. I dont know about the other boutique but when my SIL went to germany she didnt like Munich boutique.. too small